The current skilled labour workforce in Ontario is largely made up of workers 55 years or older. Very few millennial men and women have chosen to pursue a career in the skilled trades specifically women, transgender people and marginalized people are far less likely to pursue a career in the skilled trades because of prejudice and discrimination further exacerbating a trade shortage. The skilled trades are considered somewhat difficult to begin an apprenticeship due to lack of resources and education around the benefits of a career in the skilled trades. Nepotism associated with trade unions, homophobia and stereotypes also contribute to skilled trades shortages.

In addition to the societal prejudices associated with a career in the skilled trades. There is a generational gap emerging as well. According to Stats Can 77% of baby boomers set to retire in the next 5-10years which will leave 70,000 skilled trades jobs vacant by 2024 and 100,000 vacant by 2029. Toronto will experience a skilled trade labour shortage which will create more demand for the services we provide. There has never been a better time to begin a lasting relationship with a company offering services in the skilled trades.

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